16 July 2010

Litchfield County Burial Sites

1. Salisbury
2. North Canaan
3. Canaan
4. Norfolk
5. Colebrook
6. Winchester
7. Barkhamsted
8. Sharon
9. Cornwall
10. Goshen
11. Torrington
12. New Hartford
13. Kent
14. Warren
15. Litchfield
16. Harwinton
17. New Milford
18. Washington
19. Morris
20. Bethlehem
21. Watertown
22. Thomaston
23. Plymouth
24. Bridgewater
25. Roxbury
26. Woodbury


  1. Hi--Very interested in your site--I aim doing a paper on forgotten cemeteries for my Death and Dying Class, upon doing my research I have found that they are not forgotten. Thanks to wonderful people like yourself. For some reason I to take interest is cemeteries, I take my walks at the Hillside Cemetery in Torrington. It also seems like I tend to take time to walk different cemeteries when I am on vacation.

  2. Hey, Anonymous!

    If you need any information or require further resources for your research, I will be happy to put you in touch with the many contacts I have made in the area. cemeteryhunters@gmail.com

    Hillside (Torrington) is beautiful (and large which means it's awesome for walks), but it's newer and very well known. For some local curiosities, I highly recommend taking a quick jaunt around Burrville Cemetery, Torringford Cemetery or South Cemetery in Harwinton, or if you're looking for a larger one for walking, Hillside Cemetery in Sharon is beautiful and contains a multitude of stones from the 1700s. Also, one burial site of particular forgotten-interest is the Hayden Tomb on Wildcat Hill Rd in Harwinton, although it's surrounded by sticker bushes and requires jeans and a sweatshirt and something to shield your eyes to venture within the gate.