08 June 2011

Burrville Cemetery, Burrville

Located: Burrville Center. The cemetery is not visible from the road. From Torrington going north to Burrville on Winsted Rd., make a right on North Rd. into RBC Aircraft Products. Go to the far back left of the parking lot. There is a path through the surrounding trees which will take you directly to the cemetery. 

Google Maps Visuals: satellite view

Type of site: Town burial grounds

Condition: For a cemetery which seems extremely isolated, the people of the town take great care of this little spot. As of summer 2011, I remarked to my fellow cemetery hunter that it was what a cemetery should be: respected, kept beautifully, and possessing an air of tranquility and repose.   

History and Notable Features: Milo Burr, one of Burrville's founding fathers, is buried here. Althea Lynn Noad, one of the primary caretakers, is also here.

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