20 June 2012

Bushy Hill Cemetery, Simsbury, CT

Location: At the intersection of Rt 167/ Bushy Hill Rd. and Rt 44/202/ Main St. in Simsbury, take Rt 167/ Bushy Hill Rd. north. Make a left on Canton Rd. which becomes Wildwood Rd. The cemetery is on the right.

Google Maps Visuals: roadside view   satellite view

Type of Site: Public cemetery, still in use

Condition: Well kept with a gate completely intact, all stones standing upright, and the cemetery association information stated at the entrance

History and Notable Features: The plaque on the gate says the cemetery itself was incorporated in 1923. There are however stones from the mid- and late- 1800s. There were a few oddities when we went. A headless Hulk action figure was discovered wrapped around one of ornaments of the monuments. From the older stones, there was distinctive and unique motif on the top of a woman in a mourning position beside a book.

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