26 June 2012

Northwest Cemetery, Woodbridge, CT

Location: From Rt 8 in Seymour, take exit 22. If you're heading north on Rt 8, at the end of the ramp, turn left on Wakeley St. and then bear right onto Rt 67/ Derby St. This becomes Rt 67/ New Haven Rd. If you're heading south on Rt 8, at the end of the ramp turn left on Rt 67/ New Haven Rd. From there stay straight on Rt 67. Crestview Dr. will be on the right. The cemetery will be immediately after.

Google Maps Visuals:  roadside view  satellite view

Type of Site: Town cemetery, still in use

Condition: Everything looks well attended.

History and Notable Features: The cemetery has some lovely statuary. At the northern most area, there are a handful of stones from the 1700s. One stone from the mid 1800s has a unique carving of wings and an hourglass. Also of humorous note, there is a family plot with extremely large gates which are locked, however the gate around the plot itself is six inches tall.

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