01 December 2010

Upcoming Endeavours

Our plans for future explorations:

Brrrr! It's getting cold out again. While we intrepid Cemetery Hunters are not ones to let rain or wind or cold get in the way of our explorations, that cumulative white solidified precipitation better known as snow puts a real damper on exploring new cemeteries. We may revisit a few cemeteries to take winter pictures of them, but no new locations. Since many of these cemeteries have small or fallen stones and subsequently get covered by snow, visiting new cemeteries in a white winter is not an effective way to document them. Come snow-less weather, we hope to start with these.
  • Falls Village Cemeteries
  • Winsted Cemeteries
  • Cornwall Cemeteries

Our future events:

Come the spring, we are looking to revisit some of the burial sites which are greatly in need of some care and attention, the Cobb City Cemetery in North Colebrook for example. We want to cut down the tall grasses, manicure the bushes and attend to the plethora of overgrowth that has been allowed to flourish there over the years. We're looking for others who want to join us as an extra pair of hands -- and let's admit it, an extra pair of hedge clippers -- will only be helpful. There is no set date for this yet but it will likely be a weekend as most people are available those days, however, we will do our best to accommodate all volunteers. If you would like to join us, please contact Valt at cemeteryhunters@gmail.com.

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  1. good luck. and don't worry, warm weather is coming soon. get out there and get some good pics. Check me out if you get a chance.