03 July 2011

Immaculate Conception/ Village Cemetery, New Hartford

Location: From New Hartford center on US 44/ Main St, make a right onto Rt 219/ Town Hill Rd.. The cemetery is on both side of the road.

Google Maps Visuals: road-view (Immaculate Conception)  road-side view (Village)  satellite view

Type of Site: While it is unconfirmed, despite it appearing that it is one big cemetery, I suspect that this is actually two cemeteries: Immaculate Conception Cemetery of Catholic denomination and Village Cemetery for public use. To distinguish them, Village Cemetery has the small chapel.

Condition: For the most part, the two sides are well kept. However, not all the stones are so fortunate as they're missing pieces or lying in ruins. This is particularly true in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery side where the damage seems to be worst.

History and Notable Features: On the Immaculate Conception side, the fallen and broken stones seem to have been removed from where they had been fallen and assembled around a tree stump in a very odd arrangement.

Immaculate Conception Cemetery side:

Village Cemetery side:

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