20 February 2012

Allentown Cemetery, Terryville, Plymouth, Litchfield County

Location: At the intersection of Rt 69 and Rt 322 in Wolcott, go north on Rt 69/ Wolcott Rd. Make a left on Mad River Rd. At the end of the road, make a left (this is still Mad River Rd.) and then an immediate right on Spindle Hill Rd. This turns into Allentown Rd. This turns into Wolcott Rd. Allentown Cemetery is on the left.

Google Maps Visuals: roadside view  satellite view

Type of Site: Public cemetery, no longer in use,  mid 1800s to mid 1900s stones.

Condition: Everything looks well taken care of. The only thing in disrepair is the gate which didn't much serve its function.

History and Notable Features: Nothing of particular note.

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  1. Anonymous13 July, 2012

    Thanks for posting about this much overlooked cemetery. A lot of my family is there and my great uncle was the last person buried there. I am currently doing research on everyone buried in this yard.
    Doug Moylan