19 December 2003

Hayden Property and Plot

Location: From Rt 8, take exit 42. Go east on Rt 118/ Litchfield Rd towards Harwinton. Make a right on Wild Cat Hill Rd. The walls and foundation of the property are on the left side of the road, visible in autumn (not sure about other times of the year). If you pass the electrical substation on the left, you have gone too far. However, this driveway can be a convenient place to park as the Hayden Tomb is located there. The stones in the Hayden Plot are supposedly 100 yards north of the Hayden Tomb.

Google Maps Visuals: satellite view

Type of Site: Family Plot, probably property belonging to the electrical company although there were no signs to indicate private property

Condition: This particular site is in the forest. Very little remains of it save a foundation and a retaining wall.

History and Notable Features: There are records of two or three stones on this site however, during the exploration, we could not find any of them. The walls and foundation were all that were apparent. We plan for future explorations to see if they will turn anything up.

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