26 November 2003

Nepaug Cemetery, New Hartford

Located: Near 734 Litchfield Turnpike/ Rt 202. From Torrington going west towards Canton on Rt 202, cemetery is on the left. Highly visible from the road.

Google Maps Visuals: road-side view  satellite view

Type of site: Public cemetery, no longer in use

Condition: When I was at this site in 2001, the grass was knee-high. Now in 2010, the cemetery is landscaped, but now you can see that many of the stones are broken. Some lean up against other stones, others are nearly buried in the ground where they fell. Even some of the tops of the obelisks have fallen off. The fence too looks like it's going to disintegrate one of these days.

History and Notable Features: This cemetery features one of the most beautiful pieces of Victorian cemetery statuary in the area. The Lady in Mourning watches over the Merrill family, also the name of one of the nearby roads, so apparently they were big in the area. She's in very good condition. Also, one of the other family plots within the cemetery has an ornate and unusual wrought iron fence around it with flame tops at the posts.

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