22 November 2003

South Colebrook Cemetery, Colebrook

Location: Near 410 Smith Hill Rd., Colebrook. Going north on Rt 183/Colebrook Rd. towards MA, make a right at Colebrook center on Smith Hill Rd., continue to bear right at the fork (still Smith Hill Rd.), cemetery will be on the left. The stones are not clearly visible from the road -- I drove by it three times before I found it. It has a long driveway which prevents it from being easily seen.

Google Maps Visuals: road-side view  satellite view

Type of Site: Public Cemetery, still in use

Condition: Well-maintained. A number of stones are illegible.

History and Notable Features: In the newer area, at the northern part of the location, there are stone walls and enclosures which seem to serve no particular purpose, but are attractive nonetheless. It is uncertain if they are meant to delineate plots for future in-ground residents. An interesting feature of the 1810s-1830s stones is that while they are situated beside each other, one stone can be completely obliterated and the next look entirely pristine and new even though it's clearly not a replaced stone.

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